CFA HEADLINES • April 22, 2020


Headlines to include


CFA is Advocating for its Members During COVID-19 Crisis CFA Member

Circumstances are changing constantly, but CFA remains dedicated to our students, our colleagues, and our communities.


CFA Member Reflects on Guidance, Help from Past Unemployment Benefits Workshop

Next week, CFA begins offering its Unemployment Insurance workshop. Only this time, the workshop moves to an online format: a webinar.


CFA Relaunches Radio Free CSU Podcast as Resource for COVID-19, Union

In 2017, CFA had a vision for an official podcast of the union: Radio Free CSU.


In Other News

EARTH DAY AND ENVIRONMENTAL INEQUALITY:  Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a time to honor our planet and advocate for environmental justice. This year – and this day – will be much different than past years, because of COVID-19.


Faculty Rights Tip: The Work Year

As summer nears, we are reminded that there is a yearly rhythm and cycle to our work.

There are three types of “Work Years” in our Collective Bargaining Agreement:

  • Academic Year (AY)
  • Ten (10)-Month Work Year
  • Twelve (12)-Month Work Year

While the individual campuses have their own particular academic calendars, they must conform to the parameters set out in Articles 20.4, 20.5, and 20.6 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Links of the Week

Zoom Exhaustion is Real. Here are Six Ways to Find Balance and Stay Connected
And so, the question arises for me: Is there some way to ease the burden of this “disconnected connection” and allow me to foster a better balance of connection between us?