CFA Headlines • April 25, 2018

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Students celebrate Chancellor’s cancellation of tuition increase this year

CSU students are celebrating the news, issued last Friday, that CSU Chancellor Timothy White will not pursue a student tuition increase for the 2018-19 Academic Year starting July 1.


CFA heads back to State Capitol to keep up the heat for CSU funding, important bills

CFA members from all 23 CSU campuses and members of Students for Quality Education will return to the State Capitol next week to keep up momentum for more CSU funding as well as for key legislation.


June 5 Primary coming—and you can make a difference

The California State Primary Election is June 5, and this year the election can make an important difference for the future of the CSU.


In Other News

SAFETY HAZARDS FOUND ON ALL FOUR CSU CAMPUSES AUDITED: California State Auditor Elaine Howle’s audit of safety hazards on four CSU campuses is in, and the findings are disturbing—faulty laboratory equipment, unsafe drinking water, asbestos and chemical spills.

“Without resolving these issues, campuses cannot ensure they are effectively protecting students and employees against injuries and illnesses,” wrote Howle.

None of the four CSU campuses that were examined—CSU Channel Islands, CSU Sacramento, San Diego State, and Sonoma State—could demonstrate that they provide students with safety training before working in labs.


Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual Property: Who owns my online course materials?

These days many faculty members create electronic or online content for their courses. These materials are usually placed on the web in a variety of ways, often in course management systems like Blackboard or iLearn.

Occasionally there are misunderstandings about who actually owns these materials once they’re placed online.


Links of the Week • April 25, 2018

Cal State University tuition won’t go up, but higher costs still hitting students
89.3 KPCC
“I give most of the credit to this decision to our student activists who have really been at the forefront: they’ve been active, they’ve been visible,” said California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan.