CFA Headlines • April 29, 2015

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CFA Assembly: Jennifer Eagan to succeed Lillian Taiz as CFA President

Delegates to the 82nd California Faculty Association Assembly last weekend elected Jennifer Eagan of CSU East Bay to succeed Lillian Taiz.

Eagan told the delegates, “I’m ready!”


CFA Assembly delegates approve resolution to re-open contract talks on pay

APRIL 2015—Delegates to the CFA Assembly unanimously approved a resolution that directs the CFA Bargaining Team to notify CSU management of the union’s intent to re-open contract negotiations on two topics in the second year of the current faculty contract:

  • Salary for all Unit 3: Faculty employees (Article 31)
  • Benefits for faculty who teach in Extended Education (Article 40)

Nearly 20,000 sign CFA petition for fair pay & quality education in the CSU

It’s time to send a strong message to the California State University administration — get the priorities straight!

We are sure you have signed the petition.

(If not, read and sign the CFA Petition now)

Nearly 20,000 Californians have already signed, but we need many more to pressure CSU managers to be more responsive.


Campus Equity Pay: Programs at Bakersfield, Monterey Bay / Action at East Bay

CSU Bakersfield and CSU Monterey Bay became the latest CSU campuses to announce a campus Equity Pay program.


State Assembly to vote on CFA-Sponsored “No Supplanting” bill this Thursday

CFA’s sponsored legislation, Assembly Bill 716, which seeks to define “supplanting” has moved to the Assembly floor, where it will be taken up Thursday, April 30.

The bill would codify a definition of supplanting that makes it clear the California State University cannot move courses that were once state-supported to Extended Education, where students pay more for the same classes.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: External review of faculty files during evaluation

Occasionally, during the evaluation of a faculty member’s file, there may be differences of opinion about the materials submitted for review. Article 15.12, provision d) of our Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for the possibility of an external review of such materials. It states:


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