CFA Headlines • April 3, 2019

Headlines to include


Faculty, students urge legislators to support important CSU budget allocations

CFA activists and members of Students for Quality Education spoke to the need for more tenure-track faculty, improved mental health counselor-to-student ratios, and increased student access during an April 2 Legislative hearing on the CSU budget.


CFA helps Lecturers respond to unemployment “overpayment” claims, obtain reversals

CFA Lecturer leaders and advocates have successfully helped Lecturers at several CSU campuses contest unemployment audits, and in some instances, avoid significant “overpayment” claims.


Data project website provides insight to racial equity in California

An online tracking tool is lending insight into racial equity in California through interactive, customizable breakdowns on issues ranging from education to crime.

Race Counts, launched by the Advancement Project California in 2017, measures racial disparities through data points on seven key areas, including democracy, economic opportunity, crime, access to healthcare, quality of life, education, and housing, at both the city and county level in California.


Faculty Rights Tip: What to do if you or someone you know receives a notice of pending discipline

If you receive a “Notice of Pending Discipline” it is important to contact your CFA representative immediately. The timelines articulated in Article 19 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) move very quickly. 


In Other News…

IN SOLIDARITY: Last week, CFA issued a statement of support for colleagues in the UC system, who went on strike March 20 to protest job outsourcing and unfair salaries.


Links of the Week

College admissions cheating scandal prompts California reform package
San Francisco Chronicle
Any California college giving preference to the children of donors or alumni in its admissions decisions would be barred from participating in the state’s popular Cal Grants program, under a bill that is part of a reform package lawmakers said they will introduce in the Legislature.