CFA Headlines • April 8, 2015

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Chico President announces Campus Equity Pay program

April 8, 2015

Acting Chico Campus President Rollin Richmond announced an Equity Pay program late last week that addresses some of the egregious flaws in the faculty salary structure.


Capitol Rally says “Invest in CSU Faculty!”

CSU faculty converged on the State Capitol Tuesday to advocate for increased state funding for the CSU during a noon march and rally.


130 CFA Lobby Day visits for more CSU funding

Faculty-lobbyists visited nearly 130 California state legislators or their staff yesterday, to explain the need for more CSU funding, the equally important need for better policies toward the facutly, and the importance of CFA’s sponsored bill to end supplanting of students’ classes into high-priced extended education.


Assembly Higher Ed Committee moves CFA’s “No Supplanting” bill

Even as CFA faculty delegations made the case for the “No Supplanting” bill (AB 716) in individual visits to legislative offices yesterday, the Assembly Higher Education Committee was deciding the bill’s future at a crowded public hearing.


The Fight for 15 – Be there on April 15

On Tax Day April 15, the “Fight for 15” to improve the lives and working conditions of low-paid workers, including on campuses through Adjunct Action and other faculty organizations, will be held all over the U.S.

CFA delegations will join protesters in California who are converging for main events in two locations — in Berkeley in Northern California and in Los Angeles in Southern California.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Catastrophic Leave Program

The Catastrophic Leave Program was established through agreements between the California State University and various employee unions, including CFA.

The program allows CSU employees to voluntarily donate accrued sick and vacation leave to other CSU employees, employed on the same campus, who have exhausted all of their leave due to a catastrophic illness or injury.


Links of the Week • April 8 2015

Cal State faculty survey describes low pay, hardship
Los Angeles Times
Some California State University faculty say their salary is so low that they must work two jobs, can’t afford to buy a home and at times depend on food stamps and other government assistance to get by.