CFA Headlines • August 26, 2015

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Welcome Back!

Campuses back in session this week are: Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, Fresno, Fullerton, Long Beach, Monterey Bay, Northridge, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sonoma, Stanislaus.


Mediation on faculty contract starts next week

AUGUST 26—As CFA Headlines readers learned in some detail in last week’s edition, negotiations on the faculty contract stalled this summer. The topic on the table is faculty salaries to be paid during this second year of our contract.

The parties reached impasse because the Chancellor’s bargaining reps would not budge from their offer of 2 percent for the 2015/16 Academic Year—the same 2 percent we rejected in settling the Collective Bargaining Agreement last fall. 


Faculty to Chancellor Tim: Prioritize teaching!

This summer, thousands of CSU faculty have shared email messages that are being sent to Chancellor Tim White to educate him on the CSU faculty “experience” — the struggle to support a family while serving the students of California, even as our purchasing power lags and our middle-class jobs get eviscerated.


As campuses reopen, CFA chapters urge faculty to participate in winning a fair salary

CFA chapters are ramping back into action to help win a fair salary and all CSU faculty can participate.

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Still no action from Gov. Brown on ‘No-Supplanting’; urge him to sign the bill today

A bill to prevent the CSU from becoming a two-tier education system based on ability to pay awaits the governor’s signature for another week.

AB 716 would clarify the definition of “supplanting,” a process of moving state-supported  courses students need to graduate out of the regular state university and into Extended Education where students pay more and faculty are paid less. Supplanting is prohibited in the state education code but greater clarity is needed to enforce protections against it.


Faculty Rights Tip: Flex Cash

Through the FlexCash Program (Article 32.13 in the Faculty Contract), faculty who waive CSU benefits because they have other non-CSU coverage can receive an additional $128 in compensation per month for waiving medical benefits, $12 for waiving dental coverage, and $140 for waiving both medical and dental benefits.


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