CFA HEADLINES: CSU Vaccine Requirement, Bargaining Update, and Meet Your Bargaining Team Part II


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CFA Requests Meet-and-Confer with CSU Leadership on Vaccine Requirement

Whether working with then-Chancellor Timothy White or past administrations at the People’s University, whether the discussion revolved around COVID-19 relief or compensation, CFA has been consistent with its approach: CSU leaders must meet-and-confer with our union over the conditions of our members’ employment.

This basic right we have as employees of the CSU system does not change with a new administration. We need Chancellor Castro to recognize the importance of discussing any new mandates and policies with our faculty and staff unions.


CSU Labor Relations Team Out-of-Touch in Bargaining Meetings

The CFA Bargaining Team endured another negotiations session with an out-of-touch CSU management.

Not only did the CSU bargaining team refuse to respond in a meaningful way to our previous session’s emotional story sharing about racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia in the CSU, their team also brushed off faculty concerns about increased and unmanageable workload.


Meet Your CFA Bargaining Team Series, Part II

As negotiations continue for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for the CSU’s 29,000 faculty, it is time to meet members of the CFA Bargaining Team. We will be highlighting a few members each week for the rest of the term.

This week, Michele Barr, Steven Filling, Carrie Sakai, and Charles Toombs share why they wanted to be on the Bargaining Team and what they hope to see in a new contract.


In Other News…

CFA HOSTED ITS FIRST VIRTUAL LOBBY DAY: As the legislature continued debating new legislation, CFA hosted its first ever virtual Lobby Day on April 19-21. Ninety CFA members and 19 students participated, with an opportunity to meet with their district or senate representatives to discuss CFA’s priority bills and budget requests. 

Those priority bills included:


Faculty Rights Tip: Preference for Available Temporary Work for AY 2021-22

Last summer, as we were three months into the pandemic, CFA negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the CSU regarding impacts related to COVID-19 on operations for the academic year 2020-21. While the entire MOU (signed on June 5, 2020) covers eight areas, here we highlight the second item, Preference for Available Temporary Work for AY 2021-22.”


Links of the Week

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