CFA Headlines • December 10, 2014

Dear Readers: CFA Headlines takes a break after this issue. We will resume January 7.  Have a great holiday season.

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2014-2017 Faculty Contract available online as a PDF

The complete text of the 2014-2017 faculty contract between CFA and CSU management is now posted as a PDF on the CFA web site. The version posted is a final proof of the contract, which will be printed in January 2015.


CFA member & professor Shirley Weber to chair Assembly Budget Committee

December 2014—Assemblymember Shirley Weber, a San Diego State faculty member and member of CFA, has been named chair of the state Assembly Budget Committee.


CFA speaks out for striking grad students in Oregon

This week, CFA president Lillian Taiz sent the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation in Oregon the following resolution of support:

“The California Faculty Association, a union of 25,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches who teach in the California State University system, supports the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation of the University of Oregon in its efforts to gain fair wages, and reasonable paid medical and parental leave provisions.  


Sac State students reject campus fee hike by 79.6%

Nearly 7,000 Sacramento State students voted down a $438 annual campus-based fee hike last week by 79.6 percent.

The fee increase was floated to build a 5,000-seat arena on campus. The action adds to a wave of discontent over increasing costs at public universities, including protests against the proposed 5 percent annual tuition hikes in the UC and campus-based “student success fees” in the CSU.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Lecturers & Work Assignment During the Year (12.29b)

At the beginning of each new term during the academic year the teaching assignments for Lecturers are often in flux until the last minute. It can be a challenging time for both Lecturers and department chairs.

Our newly ratified Collective Bargaining agreement has some changes in Article 12.29b which governs the assignment of classes during the academic year (i.e., in terms other than Fall). The specific changes are found in section 12.29b 5.   


Links of the Week • December 10, 2014

Cal State Fullerton faces enrollment challenges
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
To deal with concerns of seat availability amid an increasing number of applicants, Cal State Fullerton is considering options, including “creative scheduling” which could increase the number of classes held on Friday and the weekend.