CFA HEADLINES • December 2, 2020

NOTE:  CFA Headlines goes on holiday hiatus after today, and will be back in January, when, as always, there will be plenty to share.


Headlines to include


CFA Humboldt Pushes Back on Devastating Course Cuts

CFA Humboldt is calling on campus administrators to Push Pause on budget cuts harmful to students and the Humboldt community.


CFA Encourages Safety, Self-Care as COVID-19 Cases Surge

2020 has been one of the bumpiest rides in recent times, and the ride is not yet over.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: A Review of the Term’s Tips

As the Fall 2020 term winds down and we look ahead toward another atypical term of teaching, coaching, and counseling in times of COVID-19, now is an appropriate time to review the Faculty Rights Tips we have offered over the last few months.


Links of the Week

The Lowest-Paid Workers in Higher Education are Suffering the Highest Job Losses
The Washington Post
Job losses among instructors have fluctuated wildly since the start of the pandemic. In the spring, instructors with master’s or bachelor’s degrees and part-time educators with some college faced the most layoffs.