CFA Headlines • December 9, 2015

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CFA President Jen Eagan to Chancellor White: Time to meet

After numerous invitations to meet and discuss the salary dispute polarizing CSU faculty and management were ignored, CFA President Jennifer Eagan last week wrote CSU Chancellor Tim White urging him to meet with her in an attempt to land at resolution.


Bargaining Update: Second factfinding session in December

The CFA Bargaining Team and representatives from CSU management began the factfinding process in December, hoping to reach an agreement on faculty salary for the contract year 2015-16

The union made its case that the CSU is well-equipped to afford a 5% General Salary Increase plus an SSI (service step increase) for those who are eligible.


Faculty will be ‘Seeing Red’ in the New Year

Fury over lack of respect regarding faculty salary increases hasn’t diminished with the holiday season. In fact, quite the opposite.

But CFA is encouraging faculty to channel that frustration into action come the new year, when everyone on campus will be “SEEING RED.”


Support for CFA’s Fight for Five gains momentum

Unions, organizations and legislators continue to pledge support for CFA and the Fight for Five this month.

On Dec. 2, the Executive Board of the United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) passed a resolution in support our contract demands and urging delegates to the San Francisco  Labor Council, the California Teachers Associaton State Council and the California Federation of Teachers convention to do the same.


Bay Area middle school name to honor Filipino-American labor leaders

DECEMBER 2015—Historic union leaders Larry Itliong and Phillip Vera Cruz, who were instrumental in agricultural organizing including the Delano Grape Strike, will be honored Dec 18 as Alvarado Middle School in Union City changes its name to Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School.

Vera Cruz co-founded the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, which later merged with the National Farm Workers Association and became the United Farm Workers.

Itliong organized West Coast agricultural workers and has been heralded as “one of the fathers of the West Coast labor movement.”


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: New & Available Temporary Work for Lecturers

Article 12.29 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the assignment order for new or additional work for Lecturers in a department. New or additional work is work that remains after all full-time workload and all incumbent part-time Lecturer time-base entitlements have been met.


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