CFA Headlines • February 1, 2017

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CFA issues statement on Trump immigration ban

The California Faculty Association is rebuking the Trump Administration’s ban on Muslim immigrants from targeted countries, which could directly impact California State University students and faculty, as well as learning and working conditions.


Students, Faculty protest proposed tuition hikes and demand Trustees #FreeTheCSU

Students and faculty converged on the CSU Board of Trustees’ meeting in Long Beach and on several CSU campuses Tuesday and Wednesday to protest the proposed 5% tuition hike.


Report instances of hate speech, crimes online

While CFA is hopeful the Spring 2017 term will not include hate speech or hate crimes on CSU campuses, our union remains committed to support and to defend all those in the CSU, and to help protect our university campuses from hate-filled rhetoric that divides and causes harm.

To gather information about instances of hate speech and hate crimes on campus, CFA has created an online form for the use of faculty, staff, students and others in our campus communities.


Proposed legislation would protect undocumented students in the CSU

A California lawmaker has introduced legislation that could help increase access to higher education for all students and help shield undocumented students from federal scrutiny.

Assembly Bill 21, authored by Assembly Member Ash Kalra, would direct public colleges and universities, including the CSU, to enact several measures, including:


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Faculty Rights in light of Trump immigration ban

The following is a statement regarding Faculty Rights by the California Faculty Association:

Last week, Trump enacted an immigration ban restricting people from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) from entering the US. The ban applies even to people who live and work in the US, and as you know resulted in the detention and deportation of people around the country over the weekend.

Despite a federal court stay pending further review, many customs agents continue to enforce and act on Trump’s executive order(s).


Links of the Week

Cal State students rally in protest across California as Trustees debate increasing tuition
Los Angeles Times
On Tuesday, students already were speaking out, rallying on campuses across the state.