CFA Headlines • February 10, 2016

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CFA announces strike dates: April 13-15 & 18-19

A five-day strike on all 23 CSU campuses will be held in April if the statutory process fails to produce an agreement over faculty salaries, CFA leaders announced Monday during a news conference at CFA Headquarters in Sacramento.


Support for CFA’s Fight for Five continues to grow
Updated 2/12/16

Legislators and labor allies are continuing to support the faculty and our Fight for Five in recent days with statements of support and strike sanctions.


CFA Chapter Presidents tackle CSU management in local, student media

CFA Chapter Presidents have been taking the Fight for Five to local and student media in recent weeks as a way to help educate the community about the need for CSU management to invest in faculty salaries.


Faculty gear up for potential strike on campuses

The red is spreading.

Campuses throughout the CSU system are turning into seas of red as chapters gear up for the potential strike in April.


CFA protects faculty rights regarding retirement annuity investments

An attempted maneuver by CSU management to shift faculty retirement investments without their consent was thwarted recently due to the swift efforts of CFA leaders and staff.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Writing Rebuttals to Evaluations

By now many campuses are well into their evaluation cycles. The Faculty Contract provision below applies to all faculty undergoing any form of evaluation, but it is especially timely for probationary faculty applying for tenure or any faculty member up for promotion.


Links of the Week

CSU faculty to strike for five days if contract deal isn’t reached
Sacramento Bee
The California State University faculty union announced Monday that it will strike for five days across all 23 campuses if an ongoing contract dispute is not resolved by the middle of April.