CFA HEADLINES • February 12, 2020


Headlines to include


CFA Charge Alleges Interference in Union Activities by San Jose State

CFA leaders at San Jose State University are attempting to address promotion and tenure denials to a disproportionately high number of women of color. Unfortunately, SJSU management has sought to interfere with our legally protected rights to do so.


Elections are coming!

For the first time, California’s Primary Election will be held in March.

The presidential election is receiving a lot of attention by TV news and newspapers and on social media, even though many local elections are just as important. We encourage all members to vote in the March 3 election.


Commemorate Black History Month by Learning Our History

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom posthumously pardoned gay civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, ensuring he can be recognized as one of the nation’s influential figures in the cause of justice. Though Rustin was an organizer of the March on Washington and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, his legacy has been tarnished for years after a 1953 conviction in Pasadena, under laws that targeted LGBTQ people.


In Other News…

EQUITY CONFERENCE SPEAKER FOCUS: CFA Member Loren Cannon will be a keynote speaker at CFA’s 2020 Equity Conference.  His talk is titled “Trans Directed Injustice: What We Need to Know, What We Need to Do.”  

Cannon’s presentation will increase the informational foundation of Union siblings regarding the extent of the anti-trans sentiment of the current administration and the related social and political consequences.


Faculty Rights Tip: I Need a Union Rep!

Have you (or someone you know) ever been called into a meeting with an administrator and you were not quite sure what the meeting was about?

And once in the meeting realized, you were being questioned or investigated about some issue for which you might be disciplined, reprimanded, or otherwise negatively affected? You need, and are entitled to have, a union representative or another advocate of your choosing with you at that meeting. 

You can invoke your right to have an advocate with you before or during the meeting by saying:


Links of the Week

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