CFA Headlines • February 17, 2016

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Faculty preparing to strike in April

Following the announcement last week of strike dates—April 13-15 and April 18-19,—faculty on CSU campuses began to hold “Strike Schools” and meetings to prepare, just in case a settlement is not reached.


Question: What does it all mean for students?

The questions are flying about the possible faculty strike in April, and it’s a good thing that people want to know more about it. Check out:


Legislators say: Chancellor White! Reach agreement with CFA before April strike

More than 30 state legislators have sent letters to Chancellor White calling on him to come to an agreement with the faculty on our pay.


Olympian John Carlos, Journalist Dave Zirin support Fight for Five

Cal State faculty received a little impromptu support for the Fight for Five from some big names on February 10.


Facts on Money: Can the Chancellor afford 5% for faculty?
(Hint: Yes!)

The answer is Yes! In fact, in fact-finding and in contract talks since 2014, the Chancellor’s negotiators have never argued they do not have the money for 5% for faculty.

So, taking it step-by-step…


Santiago introduces AB 2019 to ensure CSU faculty Salary Step Increases

Every time contract talks come around, CFA’s Bargaining Team finds itself arguing with CSU management over Salary Step Increases for the large number of faculty who are still moving up—or hoping to move up—the pay scale.

That’s not how the same types of raises work for other public employees. They have “MSA’s” that are automatic and not an actual cost to the public employer.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Academic Freedom

As we prepare for the historic 5-day strike in April, CFA members have had many questions about free speech and Academic Freedom.

Make no mistake, when the time comes to go on strike, our members will exercise their First Amendment rights forcefully while at the same time legally exercising the right to stand up to the Chancellor for better salaries in our Fight for Five.

In the meantime, faculty should feel free to do the work that they’ve always done both inside and outside of the classroom. 


Links of the Week • February 17, 2016

Read news stories about the strike dates announcement and preparations

Here Are Six All-Important Cases Now Pretty Much Decided After Scalia’s Death
Mother Jones
… [regarding Friedrichs v. CTA,] now [the lower court] decision [retaining agency fee] is likely to stand if the liberal-conservative split on the court delivers a 4-4 vote. Labor wins.