CFA Headlines • February 20, 2019

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CFA’s 2019 legislation to include bill for more campus mental health counselors

It’s time to introduce 2019 bills for consideration by the California State Legislature, and CFA is working with State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, to reintroduce the Mental Health Counselors Act to improve care on the campuses.


CFA to join Oakland teachers’ picket lines; on strike Thursday

Led by the East Bay CFA Chapter, CFA members are preparing to support the Oakland Education Association, who are the latest K-12 teachers about to strike.


SLO faculty mark Black History month with 12-hour push back against racist attitudes

During Black History Month, faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are continuing “blunt conversations” about the overtly racist attitudes that surfaced on campus over the past year through a 12-hour Teach-In on Thursday, Feb. 21 to assert that “Inclusion Starts with Me.”


How does a campus spend state dollars? CFA at SF State follows the money to find out

The CFA Chapter at San Francisco State has decided to pursue with vigor a question that has dogged faculty members throughout the CSU—how does a campus actually spend the state dollars it gets?

The chapter’s specific angle on this question is what has happened to money specified by the legislature to step up tenure-line hiring, since no additional tenure-line hires can be identified.


In Other News

OPPOSITION TO NEW RESTRICTIONS ON CAL STATE L.A. ADMISSIONS: Declaring No To Impaction, a group of faculty, staff and students are fighting campus President Covino’s plan to declare impaction at Cal State Los Angeles, which will make it harder for students in East and South Los Angeles to get into college, and would cut seats for 600 new students a year.


Faculty Rights Tip: Leaves at reduced pay will impact retirement

Articles 27 and 28 of our faculty contract provide for Sabbatical Leaves and Difference in Pay (DIP) leaves. These articles provide mechanisms for faculty to take leaves at full pay and reduced pay rates. When faculty take any leave at a reduced pay there will be an impact on retirement service credit. Sabbaticals at full pay do not result in reduced service credit.


Links of the Week

Faculty Hiring After the Recession
Inside Higher Education
A new research review finds that since the recession, hiring patterns for new full-time faculty members have fluctuated considerably at public four-year doctoral and master’s institutions, while they have barely budged at public baccalaureate institutions.