CFA Headlines • February 22, 2017

Headlines to include


Take Action: StopTheFees.org #StopTheFees

As the state’s commitment of funding to the CSU declined, the pressure to shift the cost to students increased.


CFA, students join Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva in call to stop student tuition & fee hikes

CSU students and faculty joined Assembly woman Sharon Quirk-Silva to announce AB 393: The Student Protection Act, legislation to put a freeze on tuition and fee increases in community colleges and the CSU.


Thursday: CFA hosts briefing on equity in CA higher education

Lawmakers, faculty, and experts will come together to discuss the future of public higher education in California during a special briefing Thursday at the State Capitol in Sacramento.


Update: Faculty Rights & new immigration orders

New executive orders from the White House late Monday appear to raise new issues affecting immigrants in the United States.

The Associated Press reported: “U.S. to expand pool targeted for deportation.”


Faculty Rights Tip: Who owns my electronic & online course materials?

These days many faculty members create electronic and online content for their courses. These materials are usually placed on the web in a variety of ways, often in course management systems like BlackboardTM.

Occasionally there are misconceptions about who actually owns these materials once they’re placed online.


Links of the Week • February 22, 2017

Californians Favor Higher Taxes over Higher Tuition

Online Education Costs More, Not Less
Inside Higher Ed
Study challenges the myth that digital instruction costs less – both for students and for the colleges producing the courses.