CFA Headlines • February 24, 2016

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Faculty are committing to strike—pledge today!

Strike mode is well underway as faculty plan and prepare for a five-day strike on all 23 campuses.

Throughout the state, faculty are committing to participate in and honor the strike, which is scheduled for April 13-15 and 18-19, 2016.


Chancellor White draws ire at two campus forums

While some of Chancellor Tim White’s beloved phrases— “We have to live within our means” among them—were used yet again during campus forums at Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Fullerton last week, he also was forced to answer tough questions from faculty and students.


Facing Facts: Faculty salary increases do not equal student tuition hikes

It’s a logical question with a simple answer. Would increasing faculty pay result in higher student tuition and fees?

Answer: No.

If you look at the CSU’s own data, it shows that over the past 10 years, rising student tuition and fees do not correlate with increases in faculty pay.


New legislation would restore faculty salary structure

Last week, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago introduced legislation that seeks to restore a salary structure for CSU faculty.

Because we do not have a salary structure, faculty haven’t received SSIs since the 2007-08 academic year, contributing to stagnating salaries and worsening issues of salary compression and inversion.


Save the Date: Equity Conference coming in March

Mark your calendars—CFA’s sixth Equity Conference will be held March 18-19 in Los Angeles.

This year’s Equity Conference serves as a “clarion call for faculty to analyze, mobilize, strategize and take action in support of efforts and struggles for social justice.” It also is an opportunity to take action for equity, access and fairness within the CSU system for students, faculty and staff.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Don’t let administrators intimidate you or violate the law when it comes to the strike

Both HEERA and Article 6 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement protect our faculty members from reprisal for union activities including the work we’re doing to prepare for the strike. 


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