CFA HEADLINES ∙ February 25, 2014

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Please attend the All-Faculty CFA meeting at your campus

CFA Officers and Bargaining Team members are traveling to CSU campuses to brief you—the faculty—on bargaining and to update you on the CSU budget.

CFA urges all CSU faculty members to attend.

Meetings coming up in the next two weeks will be at Chico (March 6), Los Angeles (March 5), San Bernardino (March 12), San Luis Obispo (March 6) and Stanislaus (March 5).

Click here to see the complete listing of meeting dates/times/places for these and all other campuses.


Faculty, students, Chancellor call for more CSU funding from state

CSU faculty, students and administration advocated for stepping up state funding for the system at an Assembly hearing last week.

The governor proposes to increase CSU funding by about 5 percent, but many, including the CSU administration, believe more is needed.


Thousands message Legislature on state budget

CFA members and CSU supporters have emailed and mailed California legislators by the thousands, calling for an increase in funding for the CSU beyond the 5 percent increase proposed by Gov. Brown in early January.

CFA asked members, advocates and all who support higher ed to use our “Take Action” tool to message their elected officials.

The result was inspiring.

All told, 3,736 messages were sent to legislators between Jan. 22 to Feb. 14. San Diego took the prize for the most people who sent messages!


Tuition-free public college idea gains momentum

A petition supporting free public higher education has attracted more than 105,000 signatures to date.

Recent data released by the U.S. Department of Education inspired the effort. The data showed that the cost of making college free is $62.6 billion, less than the $69 billion spent last year on Pell Grants for low-income students and work-study funding. These numbers do not include federal loan subsidies, according to the research.


Movie showing aids in member outreach

If you show it, they will come.

CFA’s Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Chapter found such wild success with a showing of Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All” in November that leaders there repeated a showing of the film, including a live webinar with Reich beforehand, and are hoping to show the film again during the spring quarter.

The chapter is excited about the interest on campus about this film and so is planning a spring showing in an even larger room; they will be inviting other staff and studnets to participate, said Glen Thorncroft, chapter president.


CFHE’s online higher ed research in the news

CFHE’s working papers on “The Promises of Online Higher Education” continue to gain attention, as they have been featured recently on The Huffington Post.

Click here to read “Online Higher Ed a Cost Savings for Students? Think Again”

Click here to read “Online Higher Ed’s Profit Potential Aids in Driving Push Toward ‘Innovation’”


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Unpaid Leave & CalPERS Health Benefits

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “Faculty Rights Tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.

FACULTY RIGHTS TIP:  Unpaid Leave & CalPERS Health Benefits
Did you know that if you take a leave of absence without pay for more than 15 working days you can continue with your health and dental benefit plan but you must pay the total cost of the benefits?


Links of the Week

Lesley U. adjuncts vote to unionize
Lesley University adjuncts voted to form a union affiliated with SEIU, becoming the second group of Boston-area adjuncts to do so.—Inside Higher Education