CFA Headlines • February 27, 2019

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CFA supports Oakland teachers on strike

CFA activists are on the picket lines at Oakland schools, supporting teachers who are striking for educational justice for their students.


Proposal to declare impaction at Cal State LA would disproportionately impact students of color

Students and faculty are fighting campus officials’ proposal to declare impaction at Cal State LA, a move that could negatively impact prospective students from the surrounding areas, which are increasingly students of color and the first in their families to go to college.


New bill to make Ethnic Studies course a CSU graduation requirement introduced in Legislature

A new CFA-sponsored bill that would require the CSU to provide courses in ethnic studies at each of its 23 campuses and require students to complete one ethnic studies course to graduate was introduced Friday in the Assembly.

The bill, AB 1460, is authored by Assembly Member Dr. Shirley Weber, a former San Diego State University faculty and CFA member. If passed, the bill would add ethnic studies courses, including issues of race and gender and sexual identity, at all 23 campuses.


Faculty Rights Tip: The Fee Waiver Program

The CSU Faculty Fee Waiver program is a valuable benefit for faculty members, our spouses, domestic partners, or dependent children up to age 25. Article 26 of the contract articulates the details of the Fee Waiver Program.

The benefit is available to all tenured and probationary faculty and temporary faculty (excluding coaches) with three-year appointments.


In Other News…

HELPING HANDS: California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara was at Chico State for two days last weekend to meet with Camp Fire victims and host free workshops.


Links of the Week

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