CFA Headlines • February 28, 2018

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Faculty: We need you at the State Capitol on April 4 to say ‘Governor—Fund the CSU!’

As debate unfolds at legislative hearings on state funding for public higher education, CFA activists from San Diego to Humboldt are preparing for a day of action at the State Capitol on April 4.


California Democratic Party adopts CFA resolution opposing student tuition hikes

CFA President Jennifer Eagan’s rousing call for a resolution to oppose tuition increases in our public higher education systems met with broad support at the California Democratic Party convention last weekend.

Convention delegates adopted a sense-of-the-body resolution amid cheers to “oppose any tuition increases at the UC, CSU or community college systems.”


CFA chapters say: ‘Stick with the Union to wield Faculty Power’

CFA members turned out on campuses Monday and Tuesday, wearing red, sporting stickers, and chatting up colleagues to express a simple concept—union power is faculty power. They greeted faculty colleagues and modeled solidarity.


In Other News

The schedule of the CFA Equity Conference is posted; Obama’s Other Daughters to appear: As the conference dates March 16-17 approach, the biannual 2018 CFA Equity Conference schedule is posted on the web of the CFA Council for Affirmative Action. Obama’s Other Daughters, an interactive improvisational comedy group will be there. See a preview of their show at Chicago’s Second City and catch them live at the CFA Equity Conference on Saturday, March 17. Registration for the conference is done through your campus CFA Chapter office.

CFA Supports #NeverAgain to stop gun violence in schools: CFA issued a statement this week to “bear witness to the moral leadership of the youth of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, and their many allies across the country, who are declaring that their safety at school matters more than the moneyed influence of the gun lobby, more than the cowardice of politicians, and more than the profits reaped from the reckless mass marketing of weapons of war in our communities.”

Teachers Unions call for action to stop the violence: The California Teachers Association, National Educators Association, American Federation of Teachers will protest for better gun control policy on March 14. They encourage educators throughout the country to wear orange that day. Survivors of the Florida school shooting plan a student-led “March for Our Lives” in Washington DC on March 24. On April 20, the anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, NEA calls on communities to join in a National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools.


Faculty Rights Tip: Free speech for faculty in the CSU

The right to free speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s also guaranteed in Article 1 of the California Constitution. Moreover, faculty enjoy Academic Freedom to express ourselves in our work both on and off campus.  


Links of the Week • February 28, 2018

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