CFA Headlines • February 3, 2016

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Newly posted: FAQ on bargaining & possible faculty strike

As most of you know by now, we are currently waiting for the completion of fact-finding, the last phase in the bargaining process required by statute. Should the fact-finding process not yield a fair settlement, we will have the legal right to call a strike.

In preparing for that possibility, we want to ensure that faculty members understand the issues in this dispute as well as our rights and responsibilities under state labor law.


Sharing with students: Why are faculty talking strike?

CFA Fresno Chapter President, Diane Blair wrote a letter that was published in the campus newspaper, the Fresno Collegian, this week.

Blair wrote in the letter,


More labor councils grant Strike Sanctions to CFA

FEB 3, 2016—Three more Central Labor Councils and the Teamsters Joint Council in Northern California have joined the growing list of labor groups that have granted Strike Sanctions to CFA.


Faculty “See Red/Wear Red” in creative style

Faculty are Seeing Red about stagnant faculty pay and management’s failure to prioritize teaching in the classrooms—which is the primary mission of the California State University.

Many creative faculty got busy with CFA’s “Seeing Red/Wearing Red” theme during the first week of classes on CSU campuses.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What is HEERA?

HEERA is the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act. It was passed by the California Legislature in 1978 and enacted in 1979.

It covers employer-employee labor relations for the CSU and the UC systems. (Different acts provide for Community Colleges, K-12, and other state employees.) HEERA is similar to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), but it is tailored to public employees in the CSU and UC.


Links of the Week • February 3, 2016

CFA prepares for visit from Chancellor Timothy White
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
The Fullerton chapter of CFA is preparing to question CSU Chancellor Timothy White when he visits Cal State Fullerton in February.