CFA Headlines • February 6, 2019

Headlines to include


Black History Month offers a time for reflection, transformation

“Black History Month is a time for celebration, and also for recognition of and commitment to change, to transformation in our own lives, for our students, and in our union,” Cecil Canton, CFA Associate VP-Affirmative Action North, said at a CFA gathering last week.


Gov. Newsom’s CSU Budget Plan—The CFA analysis

Over the coming months, CFA members will be talking with lawmakers and policymakers in many venues about the elements of Governor Gavin Newsom’s first state budget plan for California’s public education system—from pre-schools through universities.


CFA backs new bill to address police use of force

State Assemblymember Shirley Weber, a past faculty member at San Diego State, has introduced a new bill, ‘The California Act to Save Lives,’ to address the standards by which sworn police officers make use of force.


Faculty Rights Tip: The FERP and PRTB Program

Our Faculty Contract provides two programs for tenured faculty who are close to retirement. Article 29 covers the provisions for the Faculty Early Retirement (FERP) program and Article 30 covers the Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base (PRTB) program.


In Other News

OAKLAND TEACHERS VOTE 95% TO AUTHORIZE A STRIKE: K-12 teachers in the Oakland Educators Association moved a big step closer to a strike on Monday with a large strike authorization vote. After two years of bargaining for a contract, they are fed up with low-ball offers too small to live in the city where they teach while class sizes balloon.


Links of the Week

Chancellor says there will be no tuition hike
The Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
“This is an unprecedented start and a serious investment in California’s students,” said Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association, which represents over 28,000 CSU faculty members, in a press release. “Now the CSU will have enough money to enroll more students, provide appropriate levels of mental health services for students, and improve tenure track hiring.”