CFA Headlines • February 7, 2018

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Raise our Faculty Voice at the State Capitol on April 4 to say ‘Governor—Fund the CSU!’

CFA, Students for Quality Education, and other CSU advocates scored a victory last week when the CSU Chancellor and Trustees delayed a vote on a proposed tuition hike. Now, faculty and students are shifting focus. Up next: Telling Gov. Jerry Brown to fund the CSU adequately.


Faculty power, hard-won gains under attack; CFA members speak out for public higher education

The case Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31 is the latest legal threat to the power of working people, including CSU faculty. The case is part of a broader strategy by deep-pocketed political forces to undermine public services, and to erode the common good, including public higher education.


CFA-sponsored bill would mandate proper staffing for campus mental health counseling

New Senate Bill 968, introduced by state Senator Dr. Richard Pan and sponsored by CFA and SEIU, will require CSU management to ensure there is at least one full-time-equivalent mental health counselor for every 1,000 students on a CSU campus.


In Other News • February 7, 2018

FRESNO CFA CHAPTER HOSTS UNDOCUMENTED STORIES: A MULTIMEDIA EXHIBIT”: The Dream Resource Center at UCLA produced this story-telling exhibit to showcase the lives of today’s undocumented immigrants, many of them young students working to improve public policy affecting immigrants in higher education, health and other areas.

Fresno CFA Chapter President Diane Blair says, “We are excited to bring this exhibit to Fresno State in support of our 1,200 DACA students and their families. It’s crucial to hear the stories of our immigrant community and, now more than ever, we need to connect those stories to the human beings whose lives and dreams are at stake in the current political debates.”

The exhibit will appear March 16-24 in the Fresno University Theatre lobby during the run of the play Lydia by Octavio Solis. 

BIG CASH FOR NEW CSU CAMPUS PRESIDENTS, COUNSEL: At the CSU Board of Trustees’ meeting last week, the University & Personnel Committee announced that Dr. Adela de la Torre will take the helm of San Diego State in June. Her starting salary — $428,645. Dr. de la Torre began her career in the CSU as faculty in the late 1980s at Long Beach, which included a stint as chair of Chicano/Latino Studies. She most recently was in management at UC Davis.

The committee also announced the pay for two other executives already at work: Fullerton president Framroze Virjee making $356,431, and G. Andrew Jones, executive vice chancellor and general counsel, making $340,505.


Faculty Rights Tip: Range Elevation Reminder

Please note: This Tip appeared in the PDF version of CFA Headlines last week, but not in the emailed version due to a technical problem. It is so important and timely we are re-running it to be sure eligible faculty see it.

Range elevation is the process through which eligible Lecturers and temporary Librarians can increase their salaries by moving from one salary range to the next.


Links of the Week • February 7, 2018

Republican lawmakers support public union fees in U.S. Supreme Court brief