CFA HEADLINES • January 15, 2020


Headlines to include


Welcome to 2020!

Cheers to the New Year!  We welcome faculty and students already back to campus, and those who will return soon.  We are gearing up for a full Spring term leading up to contract bargaining.  CFA leaders are preparing for:


Governor Opens 2020-21 Budget Process with 5% Increase to CSU Funding

Governor Gavin Newsom presented his Budget Proposal January 10 for next fiscal year that emphasizes spending on education and social programs.


UC Santa Cruz, Harvard Graduate Students Strike

As fall terms came to a close in 2019, several university student employee groups walked off the job and withheld student grades.  The actions continue a trend of educators fed up with decades of low pay, high workloads, unsafe working conditions and poor morale.


In Other News…

2020 EQUITY CONFERENCE SAVE THE DATE: Titled Connecting for Co-Liberation, CFA’s ninth Equity Conference will merge notions of belonging and bridging and of redefining difference as a source of power as we connect for co-liberation.  The conference will be held February 28 and 29 in Manhattan Beach.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Lecturers & Canceled Classes

Here’s a timely tip for Lecturers who may be assigned to a class that gets canceled in the first few weeks of the term (from Article 12.5):  

“… If a class is canceled prior to the third class meeting, the temporary employee shall be paid the portion of the term worked prior to the cancellation.


Links of the Week

Why some public universities get to keep their donors secret
The Conversation
In April 2018, the public learned that George Mason University had let the Charles Koch Foundation have a say in the hiring and review of faculty. The revelation confirmed long-held suspicions that Virginia’s largest public university was susceptible to pressure from wealthy people who make big donations to a foundation that solely exists to support the school.