CFA Headlines • January 30, 2019

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CFA to Trustees: Seek Justice for Josiah, better protect students of color

Faculty leaders again urged CSU Trustees to use their influence to help solve the murder of Humboldt State student David Josiah Lawson and make efforts to better protect students of color from harm at all CSU campuses.


Oakland teachers preparing for potential strike

Oakland K-12 teachers are holding a strike authorization vote Jan. 29-Feb. 1 following actions and prep work that are building toward a potential strike.


Faculty meet with key legislators to discuss state funding for the CSU

Faculty discussed CFA’s position on how some of the proposed state funding for the CSU could be used to improve access for students and workload for faculty during meetings with key legislators at the Capitol on Tuesday.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What the W? What is “WTU” and what does it mean for “Workload”?

WTU stands for Weighted Teaching Unit. WTUs represent the effort and value assigned to instructional faculty work. (Coaches, Counselors, and Librarians work in 40-hour or less workweeks without reference to WTUs to measure their work.)


In Other News…

STRENGTH & SOLIDARITY: Dozens of faculty, students, and community allies showed up at the LA County Courthouse last week to support for CFA member and justice activist Melina Abdullah, who is being targeted for holding police accountable for their actions.


Links of the Week

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At least two newly elected Democratic governors have vowed to highlight and strengthen the role of coordinating boards, saying they are essential to keeping state higher education systems running equitably and efficiently.