CFA Headlines • January 4, 2017

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CFA to release report highlighting disturbing trends plaguing the CSU

Next week, CFA will release a report containing new research on disturbing trends plaguing the California State University system and the impact they’re having on students, faculty, and the university system.

CFA has long fought to uphold quality public higher education in California, and conducts research regarding the CSU system as part of those efforts.

In Spring 2015, our four-part series, “Race to the Bottom,” analyzed the impact of the CSU administration’s priorities and decisions on CSU faculty and students.


CFA Chapter Presidents speak out: Violations of academic freedom won’t be tolerated

In light of of 2016 ending with incidents of hate speech, hate crimes, and violations of academic freedom, CFA Chapter Presidents have taken a stand to uphold the free exchange of ideas throughout the CSU system.


CTA, NEA asking supporters to take action for student success

The California Teachers Association and National Education Association are asking supporters to add their name to an open letter calling on recently-nominated Betsy DeVos and political leaders to commit to the “American vision of public education for all.”

DeVos, who was nominated to the post of U.S. Secretary of Education, is an anti-public education activist who, along with her family, has spent millions to promote failed private school vouchers and for-profit charter schools.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Personal Holiday

With the coming of the new calendar year it’s useful to know that every faculty employee is entitled to one Personal Holiday each year. Our faculty contract states:


Links of the Week

CSU signs deal to record, broadcast classroom lectures
SF Examiner
Instead of taking notes during class, college students at the nearly two dozen campuses in the California State University system could soon rewatch their classroom lectures online. Under an agreement with Sonic Foundry, Inc., all 23 campuses in the CSU system will be able to offer their students a YouTube-like system to watch lectures that were recorded in or outside the classroom.