CFA Headlines • January 6, 2016

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Faculty are “Seeing Red!” on campus

JAN. 6, 2016—Six campuses are back in session and faculty members are making it very clear that we are “Seeing Red!” by “Wearing Red!” during the first week of classes.


Bargaining Update: Factfinding continues

Factfinding, the last step in the negotiation process spelled out in the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act, continues.

The CFA Bargaining Team and Chancellor White’s bargaining representatives will gather before the factfinding panel on January 13. The panel, which consists of a neutral factfinder and a representative from each of the sides, will continue to hear testimony and evidence. 


Unions up & down state grant CFA strike sanctions; promise support

“If we must go on strike,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan, “we will have the backing of hundreds of thousands of union members from all over California. And that involves a lot more than just a paper resolution; it’s a real show of worker solidarity.”

Up and down the state, CFA is receiving the support of Central Labor Councils (CLCs), which are part of the AFL-CIO and are comprised of many union locals in a particular region; these CLCs have the authority to adopt “strike sanctions.”


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Weingarten Rights

Have you ever been called to a meeting with a campus administrator and, once in that meeting, realized that he or she was conducting an investigation or asking questions that could result in discipline or affect your personal working conditions?

You are entitled to CFA representation in such a meeting and have certain rights, known as Weingarten Rights. You should invoke those rights immediately by saying:


Governor’s 2016-17 State Budget Plan expected this week

January 2016—The release of Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan for 2016-17 is expected this week, and observers believe it will have modest funding increase for the CSU.

The need for more funding is highlighted by the extraordinary number of applications to CSU campuses this year, totaling close to one million.


Links of the Week • January 6, 2016

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