CFA Headlines • June 17, 2015

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California legislature increases CSU funding; Budget bill awaits Gov. Brown’s signature

On Monday afternoon, the two houses of the California State Legislature came together on a 2015/16 state budget plan and sent it to Gov. Brown asking for his signature.


Re-opener bargaining on Year 2 of faculty contract underway

The CFA Bargaining Team and CSU management met today and will meet tomorrow (June 17-18) to bargain over faculty salary during 2015/16 as well as benefits for those faculty teaching in Extension for Credit Education.

At their May meeting, the CSU Trustees adopted a resolution (see page 5 of PDF) instructing the Chancellor’s Office bargaining team to offer a 2 percent compensation pool to faculty.


Dominguez Hills & Channel Islands announce Equity Pay programs

DOMINGUEZ HILLS: Management at CSU Dominguez Hills announced a campus Equity Pay program today that, the announcement says, will address salary inversion and compression affecting tenure-line faculty and Lecturers with three-year appointments. More details, presumably, are to come.

CHANNEL ISLANDS: The campus provost announced to the campus last Friday a $50,000 Equity Pay program. The CFA campus chapter is requesting further details for clarification.


CFA Coaches’ Handbook 2014-2017 now available on the CFA web site

Coaches throughout the California State University are welcome to view and download the 2014-2017 CFA Coaches’ Handbook that is posted to the CFA Coaches Caucus web page.

The Coaches’ Handbook is a tool to learn about faculty rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, with a focus on topics that affect coaches in particular.


Faculty Rights Tip: The Work Year

As summer nears, we are reminded that there is a yearly rhythm and cycle to our work.

There are three types of “Work Years” in our Collective Bargaining Agreement:

  • Academic Year (AY)
  • Ten (10)-Month Work Year
  • Twelve (12)-Month Work Year

While the individual campuses have their own particular academic calendars, they must conform to the parameters set out in Articles 20.4, 20.5, and 20.6 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Links of the Week • June 17, 2015

California Rolls Out ‘Virtual Campus Website’
Capital Public Radio
The California Community College system has rolled out a redesigned “Virtual Campus Website” as part of its online education initiative. … The website is a catalog of more than 19,000 online courses/programs.