CFA Headlines • March 1, 2017

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Faculty, lawmakers shed light on impacts of disinvestment on the CSU during Capitol forum

Faculty, lawmakers and higher education experts discussed the critical need for the state to fully invest in the California State University system during a packed forum at the State Capitol on Thursday, Feb. 23.


Myth Busted: Cost to attend CSU has increased in recent years

If repeated enough, myths can tend to be perceived as truth. And when it comes to the proposed tuition increase CSU Trustees are considering later this month, myths abound.

Here’s one of the most common: “We haven’t raised tuition in five years.”



CFA joins hearing on debt-free higher ed, advocates for best interest of students

CFA leader Kevin Wehr was among higher education officials and lawmakers discussing the Legislative Analyst’s Office’s report on debt-free higher education during a Joint Oversight Hearing at the Capitol on Monday, Feb. 27.


Flawed approach: CSU students should not have to engage with law enforcement to feel safe from ICE

CSU Chancellor Tim White released a statement urging students to call campus police if they are stopped by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, but the approach misses the mark.

While the intent to stand firm on campus police not enforcing immigration law appears to be in the right place, assuming that undocumented students—many of whom already fear deportation given the actions of the Trump Administration—will call yet another law enforcement agency is misguided.


CFA Activist Chris Cox named 2017 Outstanding Lecturer

CFA Activist and San Jose State faculty member Chris Cox has been named 2017 Outstanding Lecturer for his excellence in teaching effectiveness and service to the San Jose State campus.


Fresno faculty partner with SEIU to hold Congressional recess candlelight vigil

Fresno State faculty joined with SEIU activists last week to hold a candlelight vigil outside the home of Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), one of seven Republican members of Congress who failed to hold a town hall meeting while in his home district.


Faculty Rights Tip: What to do if you or someone you know receives a notice of pending discipline

If you receive a “Notice of Pending Discipline” it is important to contact your CFA representative immediately. The timelines articulated in Article 19 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) move very quickly.  


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