CFA Headlines ∙ March 11, 2014

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Have you attended an All-Faculty Meeting on Bargaining & Budget?

Faculty members are invited to attend campus All-Faculty Meetings—the next ones are at San Bernardino on March 12 and San Diego on March 18.

For dates and times of these, as well as a list of upcoming meetings by all campuses, click here.

March 23 marks the start of the “100-Day Contract Countdown.” The current faculty contract expires June 30. Watch for more information about events and actions related to the countdown in CFA Headlines and on www.calfac.org.


CFA Equity Conference informs, inspires hundreds

A record number of faculty gathered in Los Angeles March 7-8 to learn more about the union’s journey to a more accessible and equitable CSU for all students, faculty and staff.


Hearing on diversity, tolerance to be held at San Jose State

Students, faculty and the public are invited to attend an informational meeting hosted by the Assembly Select Committee on Campus Climate at San Jose State. The meeting, the first of four to be held throughout the state in coming months, will explore issues of diversity, tolerance and student safety at the state’s college campuses, according to a news release by Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber, chair of the committee.


CFA Activists can help advocate for CSU funding during Lobby Days

On April 1-2 members will have an opportunity to travel to the state Capitol to talk with legislators about more funding for the CSU.


CFHE in the News

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education’s research on MOOCs and the promises of online higher ed continues to be in the news thanks to columns featured on The Huffington Post.

The latest post, “Rush to Online Higher Ed Only Provides Access to Failure”  by Susan Meisenhelder, professor emeritus of English at Cal State San Bernardino, highlights the findings of the first of CFHE’s working papers on access and online higher ed.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What’s in the Appendix?

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “Faculty Rights Tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.

FACULTY RIGHTS TIP:  What’s in the Appendix?

What are the Appendices of the Collective Bargaining Agreement?


Links of the Week

State and Chancellor must step up for CSU, students

The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board calls for Chancellor White and the Legislature to stop “nickel-and-diming” students with fees, calling it unfair and “counterproductive to the system’s financial future.” —The Sacramento Bee

Student perspective on the real cost of online higher ed