CFA Headlines • March 13, 2019

Headlines to include


CFA to Trustees: Take action for racial justice

CFA leaders and activists will urge CSU Trustees to support legislation updating police use of force protocols in California and reject a proposal to declare impaction at Cal State Los Angeles during the Board of Trustees meeting next week.


SQE launches “No Harm, Disarm” campaign

Students for Quality Education (SQE) has launched a campaign to address campus safety concerns and police use of force on CSU campuses.


Students need access to mental health counseling, not police

While mental health counseling for students is a critical need that follows them from pre-school to college, students are much more likely to see police officers, rather than counselors, in their schools.


Faculty Rights Tip: Workload for Counselors and evaluation criteria for faculty

Counselor faculty often find themselves supervised by administrators who are unfamiliar with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). This can create problems in a number of areas, especially counselors’ workload and evaluation.


In Other News…

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Hundreds of high school and college students marched from one end of Sacramento to the Capitol on Thursday, March 7 following a week of civic unrest and protest related to police use of force.

The four-hour march, organized by Black Student Union chapters, was to support AB 392, CFA-sponsored legislation that would update police use of force protocols.


Links of the Week

East Sacramento arrests a ‘disgrace,’ activists say at Capitol rally for use-of-force bill
Sacramento Bee
Activists rallying for a bill that would restrict law enforcement officers’ use of deadly force on Thursday denounced the arrests of dozens of protesters in East Sacramento earlier this week, saying the roundup was an overreach meant to intimidate police critics.