CFA Headlines • March 16, 2016

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CSU Employees Union backs faculty in the possible strike

The union representing thousands of staff employees on CSU campuses and at the Chancellor’s Office adopted a resolution last week backing CFA and the plans for a possible strike of CSU faculty.

In the strongly worded resolution, the CSU Employees Unions resolved:


The Academic Senate CSU asserts faculty rights

The statewide Academic Senate report to the CSU Trustees meeting last week tackled important issues including faculty rights as CFA prepares for a strike.


Why Now?
Your “Pledge to Strike” is a stand taken with colleagues and supporters of faculty

CFA chapters are asking faculty members on all 23 campuses to signing a “Pledge to Strike,” in the event a strike is necessary starting April 13.

Why now? Why a pledge?


CFA files “unfair charge” with Public Employment Relations Board
Stand Up for Our Rights

CFA filed an unfair practice charge this week with the state Public Employment Relations Board charging CSU management at Humboldt State with an attempt to coerce counselors there to tell their supervisor whether they intend to participate in the possible five-day strike in April.


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Students of the CSU speak out for faculty

Students across the CSU system are talking about the possible strike, and increasingly they understand that they and the CSU faculty are in the same boat together.

Here are two notable examples.


Faculty Rights Tip: Immigration status & the right to Strike

All CSU faculty (instructional faculty, counselors, coaches, librarians, and coaches), regardless of immigration status, have the right to strike. There is no law or rule due to immigration status that prevent CSU faculty from striking or being away from work for other protected leave, such as sick leave or vacation.


Links of the Week • March 16, 2016

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