CFA Headlines • March 2, 2016

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Cal. Democratic Party Convention endorses CFA “Fight for Five”

After a rousing speech by CFA President Jennifer Eagan, the 3200 delegates at the California Democratic Convention voted on Sunday to endorse CFA’s “Fight for Five.”

California Democratic Party chairman John Burton said, “California doesn’t have the country’s biggest and best public universities by accident. It’s because of the hard work of dedicated faculty and students.”


Faculty & Supporters signing the “Pledge to Strike”

Faculty members on all 23 campuses are now signing a “Pledge to Strike,” in the event a strike is necessary starting April 13.

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East Bay faculty rally & speak out at White Forum
“Dismal Carnival” outside, chants of “Strike” inside

MARCH 2016—Some 40 faculty and student supporters warmed up for the strike with a demonstration and “Dismal Carnival” at CSU East Bay on Monday before they joined many more CFA members at a forum with Chancellor Timothy White that turned testy.


Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis to lay bare CSU finances this week
Is there enough money for 5%? Ask an accountant!

Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis will be back in California at Cal State LA on Thursday and Cal Poly Pomona on Friday, to share with faculty his latest analysis of the CSU system’s financial status.


2016 CFA Equity Conference: ‘Taking Action for Social Justice’

On March 18-19 in Los Angeles, CFA’s Council for Affirmative Action will host the 2016 CFA Equity Conference on the theme “Affirming Change: Taking Action for Social Justice.”

CFA Associate VP-Affirmative Action Cecil Canton, who is a co-chair of the bi-annual conference, said, “The conference, which is held every two years, continues its examination of justice issues that bedevil our state and nation.”


Faculty Rights Tip: Administrative Coercion Is Against the Law!

Under HEERA, the labor relations act governing the CSU’s conduct with regard to faculty and other employees, the Chancellor, Trustees, and administrators are “prohibited from imposing reprisals on employees or discriminating against, or otherwise interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees because of their exercise of rights guaranteed” by HEERA including the right to bargain through impasse and take concerted action (i.e. strike).


Links of the Week • March 2, 2016

CA Democratic Party endorses “fair pay” for CSU faculty
At its party convention in San Jose, the state Democratic Party voted to endorse the California Faculty Association’s campaign for higher wages.