CFA Headlines • March 22, 2017

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Trustees approve tuition increase despite fierce protests, opposition

Amid boisterous student protests and stern warnings from elected officials not to raise student tuition, CSU Trustees ignored the pleas to maintain accessibility to the People’s University and approved the fee increase.


Faculty, students to Trustees: Support legislation that would help, not harm

MARCH 2017—While the big decision over whether to increase student tuition loomed over the second day of the CSU Trustees meeting in Long Beach, faculty and students on Tuesday spoke about the need to support key legislation to members of the Committee on Governmental Relations.

Specifically, faculty and students urged Trustees to support AB 393, AB 1464, and AB 21. The bills are sponsored by CFA.


Myth: Grants cover tuition increases; low-income students are not affected

Some people think that grants cover the cost of all tuition and fees, thus low-income students aren’t impacted when they rise. But the truth paints a far more different picture, especially in the CSU.

Let’s get the facts about that pervasive myth.

Fact: There are at least 160,000 resident undergraduate students in the CSU who don’t have grants that cover the tuition increase. What’s more, these grants don’t cover mandatory campus-based fees.


Black and Ethnic Studies hearing to be held Thursday at Capitol

The California Legislative Black Caucus and Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber will host a hearing Thursday, March 23 where she and leaders from the state’s public higher education systems, including CFA Associate VP South Charles Toombs, will discuss the status of Black and Ethnic Studies.


Faculty, students help fight hunger at Cal State LA

CFA members and students at Cal State LA have started a food pantry this month to combat hunger on campus.

More than 50 people frequented the food pantry the first week, and interest is growing daily.


Brilliant! CFA Chapter President receives Fulbright award

CFA Chapter President and Activist Vivian Price has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to the United Kingdom.


Faculty Rights Tip: We’ve Got Your Back

In the post-election environment, faculty may feel they are under attack from emboldened political groups wishing to intimidate them. Allegations or actions taken by these groups could lead to campus investigations. And to avoid perceived negative media coverage or appease political interests, the campus may not do a thorough investigation and attempt to unjustly impose sanctions upon the faculty.

Don’t Worry. CFA has your back.


Links of the Week

CSU Board approves tuition hike in face of state funding shortage
NBC San Diego
The California State University Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to raise tuition for the 2017-18 school year to address a shortfall in funding from the state in the face of increased demand for programs.