CFA Headlines • March 25, 2015

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Second CFA White Paper finds rise in numbers, pay of managers & execs outpacing faculty

The numbers and pay of managers, supervisors and executives have increased notably over the past decade as faculty salary in real dollars has stagnated and the number of faculty with permanent jobs fell.

This is a major finding of CFA’s second White Paper in the “Race to the Bottom” series.

CFA leaders addressed the Trustees today (Wednesday) about the findings in the first two “Race to the Bottom” White Papers.


CFA Race-to-the-Bottom White Papers in the news, on Facebook & Twitter

CFA’s Race-to-the-Bottom white papers are in news media reports all over California. Enjoy links to highlight articles which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times among many others.


CSU Trustees meeting: CFA speaks out on Campus Equity Pay, CSU priorities

CFA members from campuses all over California traveled to the CSU Chancellor’s Office yesterday to support a call for immediate enactment of campus-based equity pay programs.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Who are the faculty?

A recent Faculty Rights Tip mentioned the importance of the definitions found in Article 2 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Definitions are crucial for correctly interpreting and enforcing provisions of the faculty contract.

Article 2.13 of our contract defines “Faculty Unit Employee” as


Links of the Week • March 25 2015

Fewer professors, more managers work on Cal State campuses
San Francisco Chronicle
As enrollment at California State University soared over the last decade, the number of professors did not soar with them. But managers and supervisors increased aplenty, according to numbers compiled by faculty who are angry about the shift.