CFA Headlines • March 27, 2019

Headlines to include


Justice for Josiah continues; students call for improved safety on campus

Despite CSU Trustees adhering to time-keeping that resulted in public speakers’ microphones being turned off, the message still came through loud and clear—the fight for justice for David Josiah Lawson is not over, nor are efforts to improve safety for students of color on all campuses.


The real admissions scandal: Not enough access for qualified students

Public outrage continues to swirl over the recent news that wealthy parents have been buying their unqualified children access to the nation’s elite universities, but there’s an arguably more disturbing scandal that continues to plague higher education: lack of access for qualified students.


CFA Chico partners with CTA on fundraiser for Camp Fire victims

The CFA Chico Chapter is partnering with the California Teachers Association to raise money for educators and students impacted by the Camp Fire through sales of #Buttestrong Unions T-shirts.

Money raised from shirt sales will benefit the Camp Fire Relief fund for CFA/CTA members affected by the fire, as well as retired members of CTA/NEA and student CTA members at Chico State.


Faculty Rights Tip: Safety

Article 37 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers workplace safety for all Unit 3 faculty members—instructional faculty, counselors, librarians, and coaches.

It is the administration’s responsibility to ensure that faculty members are not required to work in unsafe conditions or perform tasks that endanger health or safety.


Links of the Week

Impaction: What’s next?
University Times
Cal State LA administrators made the decision to move forward with impaction despite the opposition from many of the students, faculty, and community members.
The Final Admissions Proposal was submitted to the Chancellor’s office on March 15, which institutes the raise for admissions criteria and officially declares Cal State LA as an impacted university beginning Fall 2020.