CFA Headlines • March 28, 2018

Dear Readers: Next week, CFA Headlines will pause for the April 4 action to tell Governor Brown and the Legislature to #FreeTheCSU. Join in at the State Capitol! And watch for a special edition of CFA Headlines on Thursday, April 5 featuring highlights from the previous day.

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Be there: Faculty, Students, Chancellor, Assembly Speaker & Senate Pro Tem to rally April 4 for needed CSU funding

“This is a critical moment for California’s public higher education system,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan. “The state has the money it would take to restore much of the damage done to the CSU over the past decade, and everyone who knows how important that is needs to speak up now.”


April 3 Assembly Budget hearing to address state funding for the CSU

The Legislature is deep into hearings on what should be included in the 2018-19 California State Budget, and pressure is growing to step up funding for the California State University.


Humboldt State faculty, students push back against threatened cuts to student instruction

Humboldt CFA Chapter President Renée Byrd took to the public-comment microphone at the CSU Trustees meeting last Wednesday to make a straightforward request: “I’m here to call on you in this room, and the entire CSU system, to help us save public higher education at Humboldt.”

The Humboldt administration has announced a budget shortfall of $9 million, and that a substantial amount must be cut from instruction.


In Other News

LAYOFFS AT FULLERTON: Fourteen CSU Fullerton faculty in the American Language Program have received layoff notices, and CFA is fighting back. ALP and similar programs at 20 of the 23 CSU campuses conduct English-language orientation classes for students from other countries to ease their way into the CSU. The programs are “self-supported” rather than “state-supported,” meaning the students pay in full, and at Fullerton it was profitable until about a year ago.

While ALP started losing money last year, CFA leaders note that campus management is not clear on why that happened. “Our proposal was to create a labor-management committee to study which ALP practices are working on other campuses and give the program the chance of another year to recover,” said Jason Conwell, CFA Representation Specialist. Nevertheless, CSU management elected to send out layoff notices. CFA and campus management meet again on the issue in early April. Read a report in the campus newspaper.


Faculty Rights Tip: Workload

Article 20 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers workload.

One key provision for instructional faculty is Article 20.3(a) because it provides that members of the faculty bargaining unit shall not be required to teach an excessive number of contact hours, assume an excessive student load, or be assigned an unreasonable workload or schedule.


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