CFA Headlines • March 29, 2017

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Trustees choice to raise CSU tuition generates strong response

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is one of the hundreds of Californians—students, faculty, and organizations—who have posted video and photos on social media of themselves speaking out against the CSU Trustees decision last week to increase CSU students’ tuition.

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What happens next to CSU funding and the tuition hike?

The Trustees decision to raise tuition has a caveat—if the state legislature and the governor agree to provide the CSU all the funding the Trustees have requested of them, the Trustees will recind the tuition hike.


Who are the CSU Trustees?

The Trustees’ vote on renewing CSU tuition increases was unusually close—11 yes and 8 no. In large part, the close vote happened because students, in particular, have worked hard to speak with the Trustees individually trying to change their minds.

So, who are the CSU Trustees who voted on this choice?


Faculty explain why they are taking a stand against tuition hikes in our public university

Last week at the Trustees meeting, in public hearings at the State Capitol, and during rallies on campuses all over the state, faculty members have been explaining why they oppose tuition increases.


CFA Lobby Days @State Capitol to advance key bills, make the case for better CSU funding, April 4-5

Delegations of CSU faculty are preparing to head from campuses to the State Capitol next week to urge state legislators to back a higher budget allocation for the CSU, and ask them to support CFA’s sponsored legislative package.


Faculty, students address state hearing on Black and Ethnic Studies in the CSU

CFA Vice President-elect Charles Toombs, Professor and Chair of Africana Studies at San Diego State, told a packed hearing room at the State Capitol last week, “In a time when our students are more diverse, Ethnic Studies is marginalized in the CSU.”


Show that you are “Proud to Be CFA”

CFA’s Membership and Organizing Committee has posted a download of the “Proud to Be CFA” logo to its web page, suitable to print for your lapel or door, and to post on your social media.

“We who understand how important our union is to our livelihoods, to advocacy for our students, and to the CSU can show that with the ‘Proud to Be CFA’ logo,” says D.D. Wills, who teaches at Cal Poly Pomona and chairs the CFA M&O Committee.


Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual Property Policies

CFA faculty advocates recently have seen copies of two draft policies on Intellectual Property Rights that were circulated in the Statewide Academic Senate and in several campus Academic Senates.

The committees that developed these draft policies were made up entirely of administrators and campus/system legal advisors and, in our opinion, the content of these draft policies reflects this fact.


Links of the Week • March 29, 2016

CSU Board Of Trustees Approves 5 Percent Tuition Hike; Students Protest
CBS Los Angeles
Students were out in force Wednesday against a 5 percent tuition hike that was approved by the California State University’s governing board.