CFA Headlines • March 30, 2016

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Speak Out! Email the Governor to tell Chancellor White: It’s time for 5%

Send a message to Governor Jerry Brown

The Factfinding report validates CFA position: A 5% raise for all faculty and step increases for those eligible are fair and necessary.


CFA marches & rallies on the way to lobby at the Capitol for a fair contract

Faculty and students marched in Sacramento on Wednesday en route to the CSU Chancellor’s Government Relations Office.

There CFA dropped a banner that read “Going on Strike!” off the side of the building, to the delight of news cameras and the crowd.


Letter to Students & Faculty from ACLU

The local California chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union have sent a letter to ensure that all CSU faculty and students are aware of their rights to speech, to protest, and to interact with the news media.


Sonoma State Academic Senate endorses Strike!

At its March 24 meeting, the Sonoma State University Academic Senate approved a resolution and this motion: 

That the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University endorses and supports the strike authorized by CFA. 

CFA sends kudos!

See more Statements of Support for CSU Faculty

Learn more about the Fight for Five & preparations to Go on Strike!


CFA creates strike hardship fund for potential faculty strike

The CFA Board of Directors has created a strike hardship fund to help faculty who may be seriously affected by the loss of pay if CSU faculty strike in April.

While the fund cannot make up for all lost income due to the strike, it can provide some relief for CFA members facing dire and immediate hardship such as eviction or utility shutoff.

“We know that many of our members are living right at the edge of subsistence every month,” said CFA President Jen Eagan. “That’s part of why we are fighting for economic justice for faculty who are hurting.”


Faculty Rights Tip: CSU Faculty now have the legal right to strike

In a previous faculty rights tip, we wrote about HEERA, the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.

HEERA sets out the steps in our bargaining process—including the final step, Factfinding.

Now that the Factfinder’s report has been released, we have completed that final stage of bargaining as laid out in HEERA.