CFA Headlines • March 4, 2015

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First paper in new series shows CSU faculty falling behind as other faculty recover from recession

“This first paper takes up an issue that obviously is very important for anyone who works and hopes to be middle class in America– salaries,” CFA President Lillian Taiz told news reporters yesterday.

She was speaking at the release of CFA’s first Race to the Bottom white paper titled The CSU’s 10-Year Failure to Fund Its Core Mission.


Legislature kicks off the debate over state funding for public higher ed

Campus Chapter President Kevin Wehr and CFA Sacramento Campus Chapter Lecturers’ Rep. Lois Boulgarides wait to address the Assembly committee hearing.

Faculty and students were at an education finance hearing at the Capitol Tuesday to lobby legislators for $100 million more in state funding for the California State University than the governor has proposed.


Your Turn to Participate

  • Your feedback counts: Please complete a survey of CSU faculty members that explores how pay practices in the CSU have affected your quality of life inside and outside of the classroom.

Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Lecturers, check your pay

As noted in a recent edition of CFA Headlines, faculty members are now seeing notifications of payment of some of the salary increases negotiated in our new faculty contract.

Articles 31.15 and 31.16 in the new agreement are about salary corrections for Lecturers who may have been initially placed at very low pay.


Links of the Week • March 4 2015

Day of Protest: At 100 Colleges Around the Country, Adjuncts Take Action to Demand an End to Precarity and Low Pay