CFA Headlines • May 11, 2016

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CFA leaders thank members for hard work, success

It’s been a marathon and a sprint this year as CFA worked toward securing salary increases for faculty, and many of our leaders and chapters are taking a moment to express gratitude to those who made the Tentative Agreement happen—our union members.


Hunger strike continues at SFSU

Photo courtesy of Lyanne Melendez/ABC 7

MAY 2016—Tension is building at San Francisco State University, where four students are holding an indefinite hunger strike and helping spotlight attacks by university administration on the university’s College of Ethnic Studies.


From labor allies to community supporters, all helped and deserve thanks

From our massive march and rally at the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach on November 17, 2015 to the preparations leading up to the 23-campus strike, CFA had an outpouring of support and help from labor allies and community supporters.

To all of those who supported our efforts, walked beside us, volunteered their time, lent their influence and expertise, and participated in our events, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you and your generosity.


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Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: June Deadlines for Notification of Tenure

Note to readers: This week, we are repeating a previous Faculty Rights Tip due to its timeliness and importance. 

Under Article 13: Tenure in our Collective Bargaining Agreement, June 1 is the contractual deadline for local campus administrators to notify probationary faculty of the final decision regarding retention, appointment with tenure, or appointment to a final terminal year.  

Under Article 14: Promotion, June 15 is the contractual deadline for promotion decisions.  


Links of the Week

Day 8 Of SFSU Student Hunger Strike To Save Ethnic Studies Department
CBS Local 
Four San Francisco State University students will continue a hunger strike Monday to call attention to alleged attacks by administrators against the university’s ethnic studies department.