CFA Headlines • May 16, 2018

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Breaking news! Senate Committee proposes big increase in CSU funding

California Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Subcommittee 1 on Education approved a budget proposal this morning that, if adopted, would add $317.6 million to the CSU’s general state funding in the fiscal year that starts July 1.

“The persistent advocacy for many months by CFA members, CSU students and our supporters, is paying off for the California State University, witnessed by this funding proposal,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan on hearing the news. “This is one victory on the road to reinvestment in our public university, and we must keep up the pressure.”


State legislators stand for CSU after Governor’s May Revise

At the State Capitol this morning, CFA leaders joined Assembly Higher Education Committee Chair Jose Medina, CSU and UC students, and state Assemblymembers and Senators at a news conference to sound a defiant challenge to Governor Brown’s minimal funding plan for public higher education.


June 5 Primary is only three weeks away

While millions of California’s vote-by-mail voters are now returning their ballots in California’s June 5 Primary, there is still time for others to register to votehttps://registertovote.ca.gov/—the deadline is next Monday, May 21.


CFA calls for CSU Trustees’ support on two bills, better responses to controversy & racism on campus

CFA President Jennifer Eagan and CFA Secretary Kevin Wehr called on the CSU Trustees at their meeting yesterday to support two bills—SB 986 for more CSU mental health counselors, and AB 2505, for greater transparency by CSU administrators in spending tax dollars.


In Other News

BARGAINING CONTINUES ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND ACADEMIC FREEDOM: CFA’s Bargaining Team met again with management to continue discussions about Intellectual Property and Academic Freedom. As part of the agreement to extend the contract last year, CFA and CSU management had agreed to discuss these issues prior to bargaining the next faculty contract in Fall 2019. 


Faculty Rights Tip: Lecturer Reappointment & Careful Consideration

Through collective bargaining, Lecturers in the CSU have won the important right to periodic evaluations of their work and “careful consideration” for reappointment.

Under Article 12.7 of our collective bargaining agreement, a department (or equivalent unit) has the contractual obligation to give “careful consideration” to all Lecturers who apply for subsequent employment.


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