CFA Headlines • May 17, 2017

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Faculty, students serenade Gov. Brown at Capitol; sing the CSU needs $325 million

CFA officers and activists, along with students and community allies, sang a message to Gov. Jerry Brown following his news conference announcing the May Revise plan for the 2017-18 State Budget.


Governor’s ‘May Revise’ would reduce his prior plan to fund the CSU

Unfortunately, the governor calculated that the Trustees’ tuition increase justifies reducing his state funding plan for the CSU.


CFA member meetings on bargaining wrapping up

The last of round membership meetings are happening as the academic year is coming to an end.  The remaining meeting is at Cal Poly SLO on May 25.


California Democratic Party convention to take up tuition-free public higher education

Among the many resolutions coming before the California Democratic Party convention this weekend is a call to make public higher education tuition-free again.

The California Faculty Association is on the list of resolution endorsers along with the Council of UC Faculty Associations and some 200 other organizations and individuals, many of whom are convention delegates.


Faculty Rights Tip: Summer Term Employment

Article 21 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers summer term employment for CSU faculty. Many faculty with semester, quarter, or academic year appointments will also find summer employment in the CSU.


Links of the Week • May 17, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown unveils new state budget proposal with rosier outlook
The San Jose Mercury News
It also dings California State University and the University of California for planned tuition hikes, taking $4 million in planned increases from each system to help pay the higher tab for need-based student aid.