CFA Headlines • May 18, 2016

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CSU Trustees to vote on ratification of Tentative Agreement

The CSU Board of Trustees will vote on ratification of the Tentative Agreement between CFA and CSU management at their meeting next week, May 24-25, at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach.


Governor’s May Revise budget plan for CSU still tight

As the process to adopt a 2016-17 State Budget approaches its finale, Gov. Brown released his “May Revise” with adjustments to the budget plan he proposed in January.


Obama, Dept. of Labor extend overtime pay to more workers

New federal rules on overtime pay, announced today by the Department of Labor and President Obama, will make four million more mostly white-collar workers eligible this year including some CSU staff and some faculty, mainly coaches and librarians.


SFSU hunger strikers win funding for College of Ethnic Studies

MAY 2016—The student hunger strike at San Francisco State has ended with an agreement between the students and SFSU campus President Leslie Wong.


CFA, Cancer Society say: ‘CalPERS, keep off tobacco’

CFA joined ranks with the American Cancer Society and other opponents of tobacco investing at a meeting of the CalPERS Committee on Investment on Monday, May 16.


Faculty Rights Tip: Lecturer Reappointment & Careful Consideration

Through collective bargaining, Lecturers in the CSU have won the important right to periodic evaluations of their work and “careful consideration” for reappointment.

Under Article 12.7 of our collective bargaining agreement, a department (or equivalent unit) has the contractual obligation to give “careful consideration” to all Lecturers who apply for subsequent employment.


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