CFA HEADLINES • May 20, 2020

Headlines to include


CFA Releases New Demands for Fall 2020

The COVID-19 public health crisis exacerbates existing inequalities, such as access to Wi-Fi in many communities or employment in stable full-time jobs that include health insurance coverage.


‘We Will Fight Vigorously’: CFA Leaders Discuss Impacts of Newly Proposed State Budget

Last week, Governor Newsom announced his May revision for the state budget.


Radio Free CSU Releases Episode 3 of COVID-19 Podcast

Radio Free CSU returns this week with its third episode in its latest series, “CFA and COVID-19.”


In Other News

CFA JOINS LABOR UNIONS ACROSS COUNRY IN CONDEMNATION OF THE MURDERS OF AHMAUD ARBERY AND BREONNA TAYLOR: At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, a young Black man from Georgia and a young Black woman from Louisville were brutally murdered. These acts are sparking outrage nationwide. On Feb.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: The 125 Percent Rule

When faculty are hired, they are often told that there are opportunities for additional employment in the summer or other “special sessions.” For many faculty, this additional employment is a critical part of their income.

Article 36 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the rules for additional work and places a limitation on that “overage” to 25 percent of a full-time position.


Links of the Week

On Pandemic’s Front Lines, Nurses from Half a World Away
The New York Times
Nurses from the Philippines and other developing countries have long made up for shortages in Western nations. Now they are risking their lives.