CFA Headlines • May 23, 2018

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CSU budget gets major boost from Assembly, Senate

Months of hard work by CFA activists and students is paying off again this week as the Senate and the Assembly agreed to increase CSU funding and reopen the doors to thousands of Californians who were eligible but denied access to the People’s University.  


Primary 2018: Thank you for your political action!

To all our CFA colleagues who have been working hard on political action efforts to help Labor-friendly candidates succeed during the primary election on June 5, THANK YOU!

Faculty from Humboldt to San Diego have been volunteering to help our endorsed candidates succeed. They’ve walked precincts, sent texts, and phoned voters by the thousands, and we appreciate their efforts.


Counselors connecting with students, lawmakers over need for improved mental health support in CSU

A student at Cal State Long Beach struggled with depression and anxiety due to parents divorcing, and gave up finding a counselor on campus because it took too long.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: The 125% Rule

When faculty are hired, they are often told that there are opportunities for additional employment in the summer or other “special sessions.” For many faculty, this additional employment is a critical part of their income.

Article 36 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the rules for additional work and places a limitation on that “overage” to 25% of a full-time position.


In Other News…

LISTENING: Looking for a podcast to listen to while traveling or on break? Check out “Radio Free CSU,” CFA’s podcast. Our inaugural series examines our union’s commitment to Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation work, and in each episode, host Audrena Redmond talks with a CFA leader about one of the guiding principles of that work.

Here are links to episodes available:

  • Episode 1: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
  • Episode 2: We intentionally center Anti-Racism as part of our mission
  • Episode 3: We acknowledge that even we in CFA are part of the problem of racism
  • Episode 4: We acknowledge that WE can be part of the solution by being intentionally committed to addressing it (racism).

Links of the Week

Jerry Brown wants to save budget surplus, but we shouldn’t scrimp on these needs
Sacramento Bee
Gov. Jerry Brown, frugal to the end, wants to fill the state’s “rainy day” fund so California doesn’t get soaked in the next economic downturn. But for too many Californians, hardship is pouring down right now.