CFA HEADLINES • May 27, 2020


Headlines to include


CFA Wins One-Year Contract Extension, Allows More Time to Bargain During COVID-19 Crisis

Members of the CFA Bargaining Team successfully negotiated an extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement through June 30, 2021.


Help Protect CSU Funding!

CFA is calling on members to contact your State Senator and Assemblymember and urge them to oppose funding cuts to the CSU.


Take Advantage of Free, Discounted Insurance Benefits for CFA Members

CFA is expanding member benefits!  Open enrollment started Tuesday and runs for the next four weeks for those who want to take advantage of enhanced insurance benefits, available only to CFA members through MetLife.


In Other News…

THIRD UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS WEBINAR TUESDAY: The final in a series of unemployment insurance webinars is Tuesday, June 2. Over the past month, leaders prepared and updated the presentation to include information on COVID-19 benefits. Contingent faculty are entitled to unemployment benefits while they are not under contract. CFA member Antonio Gallo will lead the remaining workshop.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Summer Employment

Article 21 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers summer term employment for CSU faculty. Many faculty with semester, quarter, or academic-year appointments may also find summer employment in the CSU.  

Summer employment can vary from campus to campus. It may take the form of state-funded year-round operations or self-support for-credit programs offered through extension.


Links of the Week

Pandemic Steals Most from Immigrant Working Women
Researchers at the UC Merced Community and Labor Center find non-citizen women have experienced the deepest job losses. The study is an early signal of how the coronavirus recession is widening California’s economic inequities.