CFA Headlines • May 31, 2017

Headlines to include


Take Action: Tell Legislators to step up CSU funding by $325 million

Our state Assembly and Senate representatives are debating how much to spend on what in the 2017/18 State Budget—and that includes how much they propose to send to the CSU.

Send a message to your state representatives!


CFA Latina/o Caucus lobbies for the CSU, faculty, and our students

Leaders of CFA’s Latina/o Caucus traveled to Sacramento last Tuesday, May 23 to lobby elected members of the California Assembly and Senate who belong to the Legislative Latino Caucus.


Educators: Write letters to #FreeClaudia, a Cal State LA student detained by ICE

UPDATE JUNE 12: Rueda was released Friday but still faces a deportation hearing in the future. Calls and letters still needed.


Newly elected CFA Officers & Board take the reins, celebrate VP Kim Geron for his service

As happens every two years, delegates to the CFA Assembly in March elected the nine officers and the various representatives who comprise CFA’s Board of Directors. The new board and officers take the reins on June 1.


CFA says: Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch.

Changes to public higher education are not taking the summer off, so it’s important to stay in touch this summer.


Faculty Rights Tip: I Need a Union Rep!

The tip this week is not a new one, but it continues to be relevant at several points in the year.

Have you (or someone you know) ever been called into a meeting with an administrator and were not quite sure what the meeting was about? 

And once in the meeting realized, you were being questioned or investigated about some issue for which you might be disciplined, reprimanded, or otherwise negatively affected? You need, and are entitled to have, a union representative or another advocate of your choosing with you at that meeting.


Links of the Week • May 31, 2016

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