CFA Headlines • May 6, 2015

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CFA sends letter to re-open talks on pay in Year 2

MAY 2015—Last Friday, CFA’s Director of Representation Kathy Sheffield sent John Swarbrick, Associate Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations, and the CSU Trustees a letter signaling that CFA is ready to re-open bargaining on faculty compensation in Year 2 of the 2014-2017 Faculty Contract. 

“Through reopener bargaining,” Sheffield wrote, “CFA seeks to increase the salaries for Unit 3 [faculty] members.”


Equity Pay: East Bay & San Marcos presidents announce programs

EAST BAY: CSU East Bay president Leroy Morishita announced at an Academic Senate meeting yesterday (May 5) the launch of an Equity Pay program at the campus. No written documents were offered at the meeting. CFA awaits details.

SAN MARCOS: On Monday (May 4), CSU San Marcos campus president Karen Haynes formally announced in email that a campus Equity Pay program will be implemented. The program she announced resulted, in part, from recommendations made by the San Marcos CFA Chapter.


CFA at Humboldt presses for campus Equity Pay

May 6 — At Humboldt State, more than 200 faculty members have added their names to CFA’s letter to campus President Lisa Rossbacher calling for the establishment of a campus Equity program that provides real salary relief for the HSU faculty. 


Sign & ask colleagues to sign the petition for fair pay & quality education!

The CSU Trustees hold their regular meeting later this month in Long Beach, and CFA will bring thousands of signatures to them calling for fair pay for the faculty and quality education for students.

Please make sure your name is on the petition!


Help CFA campaign for Susan Bonilla in decisive state Senate special election

MAY 2015—There is a hot special election brewing on May 19 in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Senate District 7 — and the outcome is important for CFA and other unions.

CFA is turning out members from Bay Area campuses to campaign for educator Susan Bonilla.


State Assembly adopts CFA-Sponsored “No Supplanting” bill, by vote of 77-0

The California State Assembly passed AB 716 last week, sending the CFA-sponsored bill to the state Senate.


CFA Assembly honors John Hess

Delegates to the 82nd CFA Assembly honored John Hess on April 30 for his decades of dedication and persistence in organizing for fairness for Lecturers teaching in the California State University.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: June Deadlines for Notification of Tenure and Promotion

Under Article 13: Tenure in our Collective Bargaining Agreement, June 1 is the contractual deadline for local campus administrators to notify probationary faculty of the final decision regarding retention, appointment with tenure, or appointment to a final terminal year.  

Under Article 14: Promotion, June 15 is the contractual deadline for promotion decisions.  

(February 15 is the date required for non-retention of probationary faculty who are on the job less than two years, and Promotion.) 


Links of the Week • May 6, 2015

Students should be thankful for tenured professors
State Hornet (CSU Sacramento)
“We teach more students with fewer teachers. In 2013, there were 1,746 more students than in 2004. In 2013, there were 218 fewer tenured and tenure-track professors than in 2004,” read the poster on the fourth floor of Amador Hall. …