CFA Headlines • May 7, 2014

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Time is short: Email Gov. Brown to say #InvestInCSU

Governor Jerry Brown will release a new budget plan, possibly as soon as this week, for our state and for our university system.

Please take a minute to tell him to invest more resources in the CSU. 

Send a message to Gov. Brown now

Let your voice be heard. The future of our university and California is being decided now.


Countdown Day 55: CFA Bargaining Team Report

The CFA Bargaining Team reported today:

“At our last bargaining session with CSU management, the CFA Bargaining Team presented a comprehensive salary proposal.

“As we indicated in our last report, the proposal ‘attempts to both remediate terrible problems created by years of deprivation, while at the same time moving all of us forward toward recovery.’”


San Jose prez promises to roll back fees after student walk out

Student protests last week at three campuses caught the attention of CSU officials and resulted in at least one promise to roll back a new campus-based student “success” fee.

The protests happened even as Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2014/15 budget plan promises a four-year moratorium on fee hikes in California’s public higher ed systems.

“Many students view the new campus-based fees as a back-door way to charge them more while saying the system-wide fees are frozen,” explains CFA President Lillian Taiz.


Student “Week of Awareness” about ethnic studies in the CSU

About halfway through Chancellor Timothy White’s one-year moratorium on changes to ethnic studies, Students for Quality Education held a Week of Awareness to, according to one student organizer, “create a statewide dialogue on the history and legacy of ethnic studies in the CSU and about the importance of growing it.”


CFA Chapters visit legislators locally about funding, laws

CFA campus chapter delegations are meeting with state Assemblymembers and Senators in their district offices this month as votes get closer on the 2014/15 state budget—which will include a funding increase of still-debated size for the CSU after many years of cuts.

The visits follow-up previous dialogues held at the State Capitol on April 1.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week—Lecturer Evaluation

It’s important for Lecturers to be evaluated. Contract Articles 15.23 through 15.29 deal with the periodic evaluation of temporary faculty unit employees.  

Often in large departments where there are many Lecturers, we find they are not evaluated frequently or even at all in some instances. If your department, for whatever reason, does not evaluate you, ask to be evaluated in writing. Even if you are not evaluated, if you are ever not reappointed for lack of an evaluation you can show that you requested to be evaluated.


Check out your campus’ CFA Chapter Facebook page

You don’t have to be a Facebook fan, or even have a Facebook account, to view your CFA campus Chapter on Facebook. Check it out!

But if you are a Facebook user, please “like” your campus chapter and please feel free to share the useful info you find there with others on your campus.


Links of the Week • May 7, 2014

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